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May 10 2014


Things to ask an Atheist - Spiritual convictions

If you have a pal or have an acquaintance that is an atheist or even a nonbeliever in God, I would suggest that you e-mail this short article to them. When I say the word God, I don't mean the Christian, Jewish, Hindu or Muslim God or gods. I'd be discussing a universal spirit or entity and perhaps this entity could possibly be in every single one of us. Not some supreme commander who rules the universe with a sword and sacks of gold.

I want you to ask yourself one question, is it possible to sensibly explain how the universe was developed? If you're able to, I'd want to know what you think. Can it sound right for you that, plants grow effortlessly inside the soil, some with almost no water and nutrients? When a child comes into the world, how does it know how to eat and the same question could be applied to animals, fish and birds?

Can it really seem sensible that we started out nothing?

Where did we originate from where do you consider we're going?

Just how do our bodies know when you breath? What is it that regulates our heartbeat? How is it easy for us to take into account raising our arm and our legs don't raise instead? How come an unhealthy woman can create a child with almost no effort and science has great difficulties performing this? As well as it is extremely expensive.

Where did the first molecules originate from?, that come up with next molecules and how were they assembled so specifically even make a single cell animal? I'm not talking about an intricate insect or perhaps a rodent and couldn't even fathom how a man and some women were formed so as to.

How can your head eat, breathe, talk, drink, move its arms or legs, all along the way of watching the tv screen show, with very little conscious thought?

I've always thought it was tough to feel that there's not something available, although it's mysterious and unexplainable. To an atheist this may sound far-fetched and stupid but could you answer these questions. I don't want to beat you up, but perhaps you have considered them. Can you even wish to know the answers?

Atheism without knowledge isn't any distinct from organized religion following books created by men, that frequently are outdated and contradictory.

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